Hair Loss Consultation


What Constitutes A Thorough Hair Loss Consultation?

Hair Loss Consultation

A doctor who is familiar with hair loss conditions should be conducting the consultation. A medical questionnaire will be handed out to you to answer as accurately as possible as this helps the medical professionals pinpoint the issue.

Some possible rather unexpected questions may be asked in great detail, for example, the age of your parents, their siblings or grandparents and whether or not they have experienced hair loss.

Other sensitive questions may also be asked including how your hair loss affects you socially and psychologically, as well as what are your expectations from treatment at Terra Medical Clinic.

What Examinations Are Performed To Diagnose Hair Loss.

We perform a comb through of your hair to generally assess the status of the hair loss and sometimes this alone can achieve a diagnosis.

Then a careful and detailed microscopic examination of the scalp is done to assess the hair, scalp and roots – looking specifically for empty follicles, miniaturized or thinning hair, excessive sebum and scalp irritation.

A 360-hair pull test may be performed to assess if you are having a condition that involves excessive hair shedding.

Examinations Performed To Diagnose Hair Loss

What Questions Should You Ask Your Doctor During The Consultation?

Ask your doctor if he can, at that moment give an accurate diagnosis and staging / grading of your hair loss condition. There may be situations where the hair loss condition is a mixed condition, or the diagnosis remains unclear, which will require further testing.

How Long Does Each Consultation Take?

Usually, a straightforward consultation to come to a diagnosis can take half an hour. Usually during the same consultation, a treatment plan will be discussed with you and that can a further half hour.

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How Soon Should I Seek A Consultation If I Feel Like I Am Losing Hair?

It is estimated that by the time you realize that your hair is thinning, you have already lost 50% of your hair volume. That would be that it is time to seek help from a medical professional promptly. There are various methods that doctors use to correct hair loss conditions but stopping further hair loss should be the first target.

I Have Done Internet Searches About My Hair Loss Condition And I Have Some Suspicions That I Am Suffering From This Sort Of Hair Loss, Should I Inform My Doctor?

It is great if you have taken the first step in finding a medical diagnosis to your hair loss. While some hair loss conditions are complicated to understand, do discuss your suspected diagnosis with the doctor.

This can help to clear the air about some misconceptions and misinformation that is presented by untrained hair treatment centres or by online sources that are not medical in nature.

Hair Loss Condition
I Have Seen A Few Doctors Who Have Told Me To Just Use 1 Or 2 Medications To Slow Down My Hair Loss As It Is Genetic And Cannot Be Cured, Why Would I See Another Doctor Again?

As technology advances, more and more methods are available to rescue patients suffering from female and male hair loss. You may have consulted that doctor some years ago and if you do not seek another opinion, you may be missing out on a potential method to rescue your hair loss.

At Terra Medical Clinic, we discuss a variety of treatment options with our patients according to the diagnosis that is made and explain clearly, what results to expect in terms of treatment processes and outcomes.

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