Regenera Activa Scalp Therapy

What Is Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa is a zero downtime, no side effects scalp treatment that helps with hair growth and thickening. This technique relies on your body’s own ability to produce new functioning hair follicles by ‘activating’ the inactive areas in your scalp.


This therapy has gone through extensive clinical trials across the world, and has been approved by Health Science Authority, Singapore, is FDA-listed and CE-marked. These ratings assure patients of its safety and effectiveness.


Pioneered in Barcelona, Spain, this procedure has since seen widespread acceptance as a stand-alone or combination treatment option for male or female pattern hair loss.

This technology relies on the most updated regenerative medicine protocol to date – the ‘Stromal Vascular Fraction’. The treatment relies on your body’s own ability to produce new functioning hair follicles by ‘activating’ the inactive areas in the scalp.

Regenera Activa has gone through extensive clinical trials across the world, and is listed in US FDA, CE certified and the medical devices used – N4SA and Rigenracons are listed as Class A medical devices by HSA. These ratings assure patients of its safety and effectiveness.

Terra Medical Clinic is proud to introduce this technology to the Singapore market. We work closely with the developers of the technology in Barcelona and are the Key Opinion Leaders of Regenera Activa in Singapore.

Regenera Activa

How Does Regenera Activa Work?

Regenera Activa Procedure

Part of the hair follicle abnormality that happens in male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss is that there is a decrease in hair follicle stem cells ‘communicating’ with each other. There are 2 distinct portions of the hair follicle that have stem cells that communicate to maintain strong hair growth (the anagen phase)  – the follicular bulge and the dermal papilla. 


This loss of follicle cell communication results in hairs being unable to grow as thick and strong as before, a phenomenon called ‘miniaturization’. 


Regenera Activa works by reintroducing the necessary cells and cell communication molecules into areas of hair thinning, in order to help hair follicles to regain its normal growth characteristics.

How do I know if I am suitable for Regenera Activa?

If you are facing hair thinning, leading to areas of scalp exposure, you may have male or female pattern hair loss and might be a good candidate for the Regenera Activa treatment.


The doctor will go through a thorough consultation, taking note of your personal journey with hair thinning, family history of hair loss conditions, your diet and lifestyle and examine your hair under a 30x microscope, specifically for hair diagnosis (this is termed ‘trichoscopy’). This last examination step is an invaluable diagnostic tool as it provides the hair restoration practitioner with accurate parameters of your hair and scalp in order to recommend the correct treatment.

Scalp Close Up

If you are deemed suitable for the Regenera Activa procedure, your doctor will inform you of the areas that can be restored with Regenera Activa, as well as areas that are likely to do better with other forms of treatments e.g. hair transplant surgery or medications

Regenera Activa - Zero Downtime

If you are a suitable candidate, Regenera Activa acts almost immediately to activate dormant hair follicles. Results can be seen within 30 days – hair strands get thicker and longer, and sparse areas of scalp get better coverage.

In contrast, medication like finasteride and minoxidil take 4-8 months to show tangible results and that can be frustrating for some. Unlike these medications, Regenera Activa also has no side effects.

If you do not have a week of recovery time to put aside for hair transplant surgery, Regenera Activa offers a ZERO downtime option.

Can Regenera Activa Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Regenera Activa can be combined with the use of low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) such as the iGrow home device, hair growth supplements such as Nutrafol and anti-hair loss shampoos.

It is common for patients to reduce their dosage of DHT-blockers (finasteride) after their Regenera Activa treatment.

At Terra Medical Clinic, our hair restoration team takes great pride in providing a holistic approach to treating hair loss. We will advise you on what will deliver the best results to match your expectations, and each person’s prescribed treatment will differ base on hair conditions.

How is the procedure performed?

This microsurgical technique should be performed with a sterile technique in an operating theatre. While lying on your side, a small area, roughly the size of a fingernail, will be shaven down to skin. The shaving allows for extraction of hair and skin grafts but not ‘hair shafts’. The site where the “grafts” are taken is of crucial importance to a successful procedure as there areas that can result in deep punctures, unsightly scarring or a low concentration of cells.

Scalp Close up Black and White Resized

“Grafts” are first extracted from a suitable donor site under local anaesthesia and then placed in a “regeneracon” unit, which breaks the larger tissue down in to 50 micrometer sized fragments called “micrografts”. The suspension that contains the “micrografts” have viable hair follicle and mesenchymal stem cells as well as cell-signaling growth factors.

Regenera Activa 1

The “micrograft suspension” should be extremely dense and opaque to light, which indicates an adequate concentration of regenerative cells and molecules. This suspension is then reintroduced into the scalp at specific depths, to activate the hair follicles that have been weakened as part of the pattern hair loss process.

It is important that you select a doctor familiar with hair follicle anatomy, like a hair transplant practitioner, to perform the procedure because the depth of injection is important to ensure that both the stem cell containing areas, the follicular bulge and dermal papilla, should be targeted to allow the Regenera Activa procedure to yield results.

Scalp Structure

What happens after the procedure?

The procedure is meant to have no down time, you can return to work but the dressing on the area of extraction should remain there for 24 hours. It is after 24 hours where you can then shampoo your hair and remove the dressing on your own.


The wounds at the extraction site will heal on their own and some hairs will start growing out from them by the end of 1 week.


There will be some shedding of the ‘miniaturized’ or weak hairs observed at around week 3-4 as they have been signaled to enter a new growth phase. This shedding phase can last 2-4 weeks or up to 6 weeks if you are concurrently using or have been started on minoxidil. The shedding is usually mild and does not usually make your hair appear thinner. 

low-level laser light therapy

1 month after Regenera Activa is performed, you will be scheduled for a review appointment to assess the degree of improvement using clinical photography. A programme of low-level laser light therapy will be performed on the day of the review to optimize growth.


3 months after Regenera Activa is performed, new, stronger hair would have grown over the treated area. Clinical photographs are taken again and another session of low-level laser light therapy will be performed at that point, as part of the new revised protocol based on latest Regenera research. 

Can Regenera Activa Be Combined with other Hair Loss treatments?

Yes. Regenera Activa is commonly combined with  effective hair restoration supplements, low level laser light therapy , home use scalp treatments that reduce scalp oil , and hair loss medications.


Regenera Activa can also be used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery and can be performed on the same day as the hair transplant procedure. Your hair restoration practitioner should discuss which areas of scalp should be transplanted, as well as which areas would benefit more from Regenera Activa. Some studies have also supported the use of Regenera Activa into the recipient area of a hair transplant to improve hair transplant outcomes.


As hair loss is seldom a one-dimensional condition, with scientific knowledge on the topic still evolving, Terra Medical Clinic stays on top of the current medical literature, to ensure that your hair loss condition is treated in a holistic and evidence-based manner.

Science is at the Heart of the Regenera Activa Solution

While there are hair loss treatment centers located in non-Ministry of Health sanctioned facilities, these spas or salons may not be using scientifically and clinical proven methods of hair restoration for you, requiring you to sign up for packages or sessions with frequently disappointing results.


There is massive funding and research that goes into Regenera Activa and other regenerative medicine technologies for hair loss – this technology would usually only be available to medical professionals.


Dr Joshua Chong, who is the appointed Asia Regional Trainer for the Regenera Activa technique, has been invited to share on the science and technique of Regenera Activa to regional audiences and conduct workshops across South East Asia.

Asia Cosmetic Dermatology Conference 2019 (21 July 2019)

Treating Androgenetic Alopecia with Autologous Micrografting; a lecture that combined regenerative science principles and practical applications of Regenera Activa on hair loss.

Workshops in Vietnam:

2019 – Ho Chi Minh City: Dr Joshua Chong during his trip to Vietnam where he visited multiple plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and demonstrated the Regenera Activa technique.

Regenera Activa by Terra Medical Clinic

Terra Medical Clinic has employed the use of this hair loss treatment procedure to treat men and women facing pattern hair loss

(also known as androgenetic alopecia) since its inception. The clinic has won awards in the hair restoration field and

Dr Joshua Chong is a regional trainer in the Regenera Activa technique for hair restoration.

Certificate Training Doctor

Regenera Activa and its parent company Human Brain Wave certified Dr Joshua Chong

as a doctor that provides scientific, clinical and procedural training within Asia.

Certificate of Excellence Resized

Having performed more than 250 cases of Regenera Activa treatments with good outcomes,

Terra Medical Clinic / Dr Joshua Chong was awarded the Certificate of Excellence.

How is Regenera Activa
by Terra Medical Clinic performed for Women?

The initial assessment is crucial as some female pattern hair loss patients may not be suitable for the procedure and medical and nutrition optimization is preferred, before considering a hair transplant surgery.


If you are deemed a suitable candidate, Regenera Activa may need to be repeated on a more frequent basis than men, taking into consideration your age, hormonal profile, family planning status and genetics. There are, however, some combinations of treatments that can be used to prolong the effects of this regenerative treatment, which will be discussed with you.


In view of that large diffuse area of thinning that sometimes occurs in female pattern hair loss, the “micrograft suspension” will be utilized in areas that confer the most aesthetic benefit. This is usually across the dome of the head and is biased towards the parting line where hair thinning is usually most obvious. Treating the entire area of thinning will dilute the effects of the micrograft suspension over a large area, giving a diminished result.


Of the hundreds of cases that have been done in Terra Medical Clinic, a patient-centric approach to this treatment, based on considerations of the aesthetic profile gives higher patient satisfaction for women

Female pattern hair loss is a far more complex condition than male pattern hair loss in its clinical features, genetics and causes. While the procedural aspects remain largely the same as that for male pattern hair loss, some other considerations will need to be made.


Typically, female pattern hair loss sufferers may notice hair thinning on the dome or crown of the head, first – this is because with longer hair, the sides and back do not seem too thin. The typical feature of a parting line getting wider and more scalp being visible occurs also due to most of the time, visualizing the hair under harsh top lighting.


However, female pattern hair loss can, and commonly does, result in diffuse thinning and it is not uncommon to see small patches of complete hair loss as well. As such, the clinical diagnosis may be challenging and may require further testing may be required for optimal results from Regenera Activa.

Woman with Hair loss


How long do the effects of Regenera Activa last?

The effects of Regenera Activa are said to last 1 year, and it is suggested to be repeated on a yearly basis. However, with a combination of treatments targeting the various causes of pattern hair loss, the lifespan of the procedure can be extended.


Is the procedure painful? 

The tiny injections local anaesthesia just before graft extraction will sting slightly. The graft extraction is then expected to be completely painless. The reintroduction of the micrograft suspension into the scalp will usually hurt for 3-5 minutes, during the procedure only. There should be minimal to no residual pain after the procedure.


Will the hair from the graft extraction area grow back? 

While you might lose a few hair follicles from the extraction process, most of the hairs grow back and you can feel them start to emerge by the end of 1 week.


How many times can I do the procedure in my lifetime?

It is not known how many times this procedure can or should be repeated. At Terra Medical Clinic, we review our patients for clinical photography frequently, and by comparison of the photographs, we will be able to advise if a repeat procedure is warranted; likewise, if scalp coverage is still good, then we would advise to hold off the Regenera Activa procedure.


Should I stop my hair loss medications before or after doing the procedure? 

You should stop oral or topical minoxidil, if you are on it, for 1 week prior to the procedure. You can and should continue oral finasteride.


Are there any risks to Regenera Activa? 

There is a small risk of scarring from the graft extraction, bleeding and infection. We have not yet encountered such complications in the hundreds of cases done. There is also a risk that Regenera Activa will not work for you, in spite of being a seemingly suitable candidate.


Should I stop taking my usual (non-hair related) medications or supplements before the procedure?

Stop all blood thinning medications e.g. NSAIDs, aspirin, warfarin, only after consulting the physician that started you on them 1 week prior to the procedure. Stop all multivitamins, fish oil, ginkgo biloba and garlic extract supplements 5 days prior to the procedure.


What should I do when I come in for a consultation for Regenera Activa? 

You should thoroughly shampoo your scalp as you will not be able to shampoo it for 24 hours after. Do not make an appointment for a haircut within 3 days of the procedure. We will also perform an antiseptic scalp cleanse during the procedure as part of the sterile precautions.


I have done Regenera Activa at another clinic and saw no results, what should I do?

Feel free to consult us even if you have had treatments done at another clinic, there are a small percentage of patients that will not respond to the Regenera Treatment and we will take you through what else can be done to maintain and restore your hair.


I have had a hair transplant done, can I do Regenera Activa to strengthen the non-transplanted areas?

Yes you can use Regenera Activa to strengthen and maintain the areas of thinning that were not transplanted. However, this is on a case-by-case basis –  depending on how thin the native hairs are as well as the capacity for your donor area to undergo graft extraction, you may be advised to optimize your hair via a different method.


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