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Terra Medical Hair Solutions

Terra Medical Hair and Aesthetic Clinic is located in the heart of bustling Singapore, right along Orchard Road. We provide medical aesthetic services, ranging from from non-invasive to invasive procedures such as hair transplantation in our hair loss clinic.

We treat hair loss conditions, skin conditions and reverse signs of aging.

We do so using our hands, our instruments, our machines and our passion.

We embrace new technology to improve outcomes.

We seek new challenges and strive for continuous improvement.

But at the heart of what we do is, and will always be, excellent patient care.

Terra's Edge

The WAW FUE Trumpet System

A revolutionary device that changes the way FUE surgery will be done.

The Regenera Activa

Autologous stem cell technology for hair restoration.

PN Cell

The true hair follicle rejuvenating serum.

Terra Medical Clinic Signage

/ˈtɛrə/ Latin.


1. The Planet (Earth)

The Story Behind Terra

Terra Medical Clinic is a new brand with experienced hands.

Terra is the Latin word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Our practice draws inspiration from the land – being steadfast, reliable, balanced and a substrate for growth.

We want your experience at Terra to be one that nourishes you – both physically and mentally.

Terra is our Earth. But terra also means soil, dirt, ground, land. We look at the ground and we see just soil and dirt. A barren piece of emptiness.

But dig deeper. Dig deeper and uncover the natural richness – a source of life and wonder.

A humble seed, sown on Terra, reaps bounties of crop. The mighty trees absorb goodness from the soil and anchor their roots deep in the dirt. Dig deeper still, to be presented with a buffet of precious metal and gemstone.

Nature understands this – that plain old Terra, is the milieu in which a simple action produces profound effects.

Our approach mimics the kindness of mother Terra in her great generosity.

Our practice digs deeper into every unique individual that comes through our doors – to understand their background and how we can help them.

We sow the seeds of change. We toil with you and invest in the land. We anchor the doctor-patient relationship in deep roots of trust and responsibility.

Through Terra, the yield is aplenty.

Our Vision

To be an industry and scientific community leader in aesthetic medicine and hair restoration surgery. To spearhead the charge in the use of regenerative medicine for anti-aging applications. To educate consumers about the science, the art and the trends of our industry.

Our Values

Ethical and Professional Practice

Excellence in Patient Care

Embrace Technology

Respect for People and the Environment

Our Motto

“It’s not vanity, it’s health care.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our partner clinic Mizu Aesthetic, Terra will contribute to marine conservation through various projects across the calendar year.

The team that makes up Terra have participated in Singapore’s Yellow Ribbon Project, restoring hair to beneficiaries of the project to help them regain their confidence.

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