Facial Hair Transplant


Facial Hair Transplant

What Is Facial Hair Transplant?

A facial hair transplant is a procedure to restore hair to areas where facial hair is thin or missing.

If you simply can’t grow enough hair to maintain a moustache, goatee or beard despite all your best efforts, you may be more likely to opt for a facial hair transplant.

You may also find this procedure appealing if you’ve experienced loss of facial hair due to genetics, surgeries, burns or injuries.

The aims for this procedure typically varies from “filling in the spaces” in areas like the eyebrows and sideburns to creation of a thick full goatee or beard. It can be carried out both on areas without any hair and on areas where hair growth is thin and more fullness is desired.

Are The Hairs Also Taken From The Back Of The Head?

Yes, it is! In the same way as a male hair transplant, the hairs for a facial hair transplant are taken from the back and sides of your scalp – the only area that offers “permanent hairs”. Within the donor zone, we select the area for harvesting based how closely it matches the facial hair.

Will The Transplanted Hair Be Permanent?

You can expect the implanted hairs to shed from the 1st month up to the 4th month post procedure at different rates. They usually start growing from the 4th month onwards, at the normal rate of 1cm per month, growing denser in the months to follow up until the 1 year mark, when you will see the final result.

Will The Transplanted Hair Look Natural If I Have Coarse Hair?

If your donor hair only offers thick terminal follicles unlike those on the recipient area, don’t worry! After a few hair cycles, the transplanted hairs will start to take on the characteristics of the surrounding hairs.

To take it one step further, Team Terra ensures that hairs are transplanted as one and sometimes two hair grafts, mimicking your natural hair distribution. The same angle and direction are followed and the smallest possible incisions are made for even faster recovery.

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