Female Hair Transplant


Can Females Have Hair Transplants?

Permanent Solution for Female Hair Loss

Many women are proactive in matters regarding their health, appearance and self-image, and hair loss can make you anxious for a quick fix.

Whilst hair transplants are primarily seen to be a treatment for balding men, women make up 20 – 30% of our patients at Terra. As it helps to improve hair density and provides a permanent solution for female hair loss, more and more women are looking towards getting a female hair transplant.

Why Do Ladies Need Hair Transplant?

A full, healthy head of hair is important as it gives you the versatility to style, colour or curl your hair any way you want. Some of our patients undergo the procedure solely to make their hair thicker, while others look to lower receding hairlines or high hairlines that they have been born with.

Female hairlines should ideally be positioned lower and rounder than that of men as it frames female faces better, adding youth and femininity.

A full healthy head of hair

Is Hair Transplant Suitable For All Ladies?

If you’re looking for a “quick fix”, it’s important to understand that a female hair transplant may not always be the answer to your problem. Whether or not you’re the right candidate for a hair transplant surgery depends on a few factors which can only be assessed by a medical hair restoration professional.

When you consult us at Terra, we take into account your family history of female pattern hair loss, age, onset of hair loss, progression of hair loss (if any), availability of donor hair and results of any prior or ongoing medical interventions.

In cases where you are a good fit for female hair transplant surgery, the next step would be to take a blood test to rule out any other form of deficiency that may be contraindicated for the procedure.

How Much Of A Lower Hairline Can I Expect From A Hair Transplant?

On average, about 1 – 2 centimetres lower depending on where your original hairline is. Ideally, a woman’s hairline should be somewhere between 5 cm to 6.5 cm above the eyebrows.

Your expectations are of utmost importance to us and we’ll discuss this with you in length during the consultation session. Patients can rest assured that our doctor will create a suitable hairline shape to suit every individual’s unique face, paying special attention to the finer details and touches that define a woman’s face.

Tip: As most women are worried about shaving the donor hairs, growing your hair to at least shoulder-length will allow for the shaven donor area to be hidden, with the “undercut” that our specially-trained team members will give you before the surgery!

Hairline shape to suit every individual’s unique face

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