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What Are Terra Scalpboosters?

How To Stop Hairline From Receding Further

You’ve all heard of the ubiquitous skinbooster technology used to give skin that luscious glow. The scalp, and especially the hair follicles, are more complex organs that require a different kind of boosting. Dr. Chong recommends the use of a specially concocted cosmeceutical – our Terra Scalpbooster – that’s paired with superior cell-membrane activating technology, giving a boost to every function of the scalp.

Terra's Scalpbooster Ingredients

Terra Scalpbooster

Beneficial ingredients in Terra’s Scalpboosters

  • Biotin – An important B group Vitamin to regulate cell growth
  • PDRN – Reduces inflammation and can stimulate regenerative cell activity
  • Copper tripeptide – Regulates hormonal activity and blocks DHT, the balding hormone
  • Zinc – A co-enzyme to important hormones that act on hair follicles
  • Hyaluronic acid – Improves moisture of the scalp, reducing skin sensitivity
  • Growth factors – Stimulate hair follicle activity to increase hair growth

The special formulated serum eases delivery into thick scalp skin. We further aid it by applying a mild electric current across your skin to open up channels for better serum penetration – this process is called electroporation and is as effective as using microneedling to administer the serum, but without any discomfort.

Serum Penetration

How electroporation works.

Is It Painful? Will There Be Downtime? How Long Will It Take?

In typical Terra fashion, the process is comfortable and pampering and will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes. There will be zero downtime other than possibly messy hair.

How Long Before I See Benefits?

The recommended course of scalpbooster treatment is 10 sessions, 1 – 2 weeks apart. Followed by a maintenance treatment every 4 – 6 weeks.

I'm Losing Hair During Pregnancy. Will This Be Safe For Me?

While there are no long term conclusive studies on the effects on the foetus, there have been no adverse reactions reported yet. Our advice is to wait till you deliver and complete breastfeeding before continuing the scalpbooster treatment. In the meantime, there are other pregnancy-safe methods to rely on.

Should I Continue Using Other Hair Loss Products At Home?

Not all over-the-counter and store-bought hair loss products are actually proven to be beneficial. Some even cause harm instead of hair growth. We suggest you bring along your usual hair and scalp care products and medications for your consultation so that the doctor can better advise you.

Does It Work For All Types Of Hair Loss?

Terra Scalpboosters will work as an adjunctive treatment for:

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